In Their Defense…


I have a message from Ronnie and Tashia that they would like to pass on to the Freejinger readers.  Since they are being talk about as well, they wanted to explain a few things to set them straight.

“To the “lovely” freejinger group: from Ronnie and Tasha..

Ok where to start, I sit back and laugh about all I have read. Its a joke that this is even going on that you all have nothing better to do with your time than snark on people. Where’s you life other than behind a computer screen? Ok, for one, lets go back. I did not leave my family to join a Rock group LOL it was a christian band and I was young with no responsibilities. 

I’m also gonna stand up for my momma and daddy, we didn’t have all the finer things in life,but by God, we did have their love and their support, and might I add, we all got an education whether y’all think so or not.

As for me and Jessica, she and I got married young and It didn’t work out because of our differences. She, I’m sure has told people I cheated, but that isn’t the case. As for tasha, I didn’t leave Jessica for her.  We met 2 months after Jessica and I split. And, I DID NOT ABANDON MY CHILDREN. Jessica and I have and understanding and thats between us. She is a good mother and takes care of our children. And how can y’all gather thats she’s uneducated? Because thats not the case, but think what you will. Its very comical.

Tashia and her son that passed, how dare you all go that low. And if you must know, Jessica didn’t tell me she was in labor thats why i wasn’t there.  I didn’t find out my youngest was born till she was 3 days old.  So stop making me out to be a low down piece of trash, when I’m not.  Yes I’ve made mistakes like we all have, and yes I got married way to young and for the wrong reasons, but I dont regret ANY of my choices.  Jessica and I have open communication and I see my kids when my schedule permits (sounds bad, yes, but I have to work) but by no means did I just walk out of my kids life. So do yourselves a favor and keep your mouth zipped till you have all the facts.  Speculation just shows how dense you all are.. tell ya the truth we feel like celebrities since you all are so infatuated with our life..thanks…”

I told you that I did not want to comment on their lives, because its not for me to say.  But they have chosen to come to me and ask me to get this to y’all because of what all has been said.  This statement is in no way a reflection of me, this is from my brother and his girlfriend.  I had no influence on this statement.

P.s. I have tried to get back on Freejinger to explain all of this on there to keep it off my blog, but my previous username no longer works and I have been waiting almost 3 days to be approved. So, that is what brought me to “throwing a tantrum” on my blog.

Allow me to answer some questions…


This post is dedicated to all those wonderful people at Freejinger that are currently…no wait, for the last 5 or 6 years, have been obsessed with my family.  So, here it goes!

I do occasionally stop by to read what is being said because y’all have said some things, that if seen by the right people, could get my husband in trouble…such as, ya know, that he is a pervert and a pedophile.  Assumptions can get you into a world of trouble and to be honest, if I had thought about it back when it was said, I might have called the police for slander and internet bullying. So, here I am and I am going to set the record straight on some things that have been said.

#1 The assumption that we are on welfare
We are not on welfare, we have never been on welfare.  We did hit a rough patch back when my husband was at a lower paying job than what we he was told it would be.  He has since changed jobs, we all have insurance and…what do ya know, no welfare! 

So yes, we have leather furniture that was passed down to us by my grandparents. I have highlighted hair because I have a friend who does it for me and I have a “decked out” home because it was either thrifted, given or bought with hard earned money.

#2 The assumption that Josh is an arrogant, cruel and violent person
You have apparently never met Josh.  Everyone that knows him knows that he is a shy, quiet and just a teddy bear.  Josh would never hurt anyone.  And arrogant is the total opposite of who Josh is.  Yes, we discipline our children, as does every parent.  I’ve never even seen Josh mad in the 5 years that we’ve been married.  Until you know someone, don’t speak about them just because they don’t like to smile in pictures.

#3 The assumption that I am depressed and unhappy with my life
I am no where near that.  Everyone has their bad days where they feel overwhelmed…everyone! So, yes, I may look tired and rundown sometimes…I’m the mother to 4 healthy children who get up early and play till the sun goes down.  They are full of energy and are toddlers, so by default, they are into everything.  If you were to speak with people who know me personally they would tell you that I am a happy person.  I am a very talkative and a generally happy person.  

#4 The assumption that my children will be undereducated and never have a chance
Whether my children are homeschooled or go to a school, they will get the best education we can give them.  I know what its like to not have the education you need, I will make sure that my kids will be prepared for whatever life my bring them.  There are somethings that I will be learning with them I’m sure, but all in all…they will get their education.

#5 The assumption that I am brainwashed and have no control over what I believe
I made the choice to believe and live the way I am living.  I have chosen to believe the BIble and to believe that it’s God who gives us each day and the best I can do is to give Him my life. Everything that I believe is because I believe what God said, have accepted HIm and love Him. If you have no love for Him, you can’t possibly understand why I live the way I do.  God has given me so much, its really the least I can do for Him. 

#6 The assumption that my mom and dad lived in our garage in horrible conditions
My mom and dad did live in the garage of our home for almost 3 years.  They had their furniture, they had a sitting area and a bedroom area.  They had heat and AC, fridge and they had full access to our kitchen, our house,  There were circumstances that came up where we had to ask them to find somewhere else.  They understood, it has never hindered our relationship.  So, its nothing like y’all think in that I just shoved my parents with all my storage in the garage. It made a nice living area for a couple.  No less that a loft or a 1 room apartment.

So, this answers some of the assumptions that are out there.  I didn’t cover ALL of them because frankly, I just don’t have that amount of time.  I know there will be much more to come from this but I can’t just sit by and watch my family be talked about this way and I really don’t think y’all would either.  There are somethings that y’all have talked about that I just can’t and won’t go into for all the world to see.  Things concerning my parents, sister and brother.  I know this post isn’t a very nice one, but a person can only be so nice for so long.

For anyone else out there reading this that is not freejinger related, this is my only way to contact them and say these things that need said.  Please don’t take it as I am just bashing and not handling it right.  They need to know that if they continue with their comments, if they get bad enough…it will be handled.

Some Quick Points


Well, here I am again, long pauses between posts…

Short but will answer some questions all of you might have been wondering about, so, here it goes!

  1. We’re all doing great
  3. Kloe is potty trained
  4. Raegan is working on it
  5. Brayden isn’t close
  6. Brianna is almost 10 months old
  7. Did I mention that I am NOT pregnant?

Okay…so this might be longer than what I originally planned it to be.   I want to cover something with y’all.  I would like to return to blogging on a more regular basis but I don’t want to hear the name calling, the rudeness and quite frankly, the anger that I have received on here before.  There has been a lot to happen in the last 3 years and I have had to learn to stand up for myself and realize that I deserve respect just as much as any other individual out there, no matter what I may believe that you don’t agree with.   I’m reminded of a quote from Dr. Seuss, “A Person’s A Person, No Matter How Small”.   No matter what I believe, how I choose to raise my kids or who I have married…its all a matter of respect!  I realize that respect is something earned and I believe that I have earned it.  So, please, show some respect.

On a lighter note…

What grocery shopping with me looks like.

What grocery shopping with me looks like.

A Lot of Time Passed…


It never ceases to amaze me at how time flies by.   I didn’t realize it had been so long since my last post.  The kids are growing so fast and watching them discover new things by the day has been a blast!  And I’ll admit it, I am SUPER busy being wife and mommy…but I wouldn’t change it. To have someone who needs you, depends on you and loves you regardless is something special and irreplaceable and not to be taken for granted.

Almost 6 Weeks Old


It’s so hard to believe how fast time seems to be going already. My sweet little 6 pounder is now 10 chunky pounds and doing good. I believe she has colic though. I’ve found a swaddling method that has worked wonders for her and has helped greatly! We’ve settled into life as a family of 6 and have found that we are VERY happy! It’s amazing though how many comments we get and unintentionally hear as we go out to eat or walk through a store. You’d think we were some kind of foreign species. LOL

All kidding aside, I feel so blessed to have the family that I have and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us!